The role of honest broker in negotiations between loquacious opponents, however, was not to the ambassador’s liking.

That’s because they keep trying the same old methods, like speeches, letters, conferences, ambassadors, war.

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Expelled from the party, he sought work for the government when war broke out and became a roving ambassador, seemingly above party.

Is there a morphological analysis in such words as boisterous, ambassador, annual, poem (cf. poet), agrarian, armor, benediction, crucial, or worn?

However, the contact was limited to some adventurous travelers and a few ambassadors, whose view of life and ideas left little impact.

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The lowliest foreigners coming to this country became first-class gentlemen and messenger boys would turn into ambassadors.

The author is not a dogmatic ‘no-change-at-all’ environmentalist or a ‘doom and gloom, degradation everywhere’ ambassador.

After keeping him waiting for a month, the king finally admitted the ambassador for a private audience.

In seeming cordiality, but not in good faith, the ambassador and the president pursued their dialogue.

Welles did not report having made any such concession, although the deal seems plausible and in line with the ambassador’s approach at the time.

The ambassador, for his part, had to deal with another incongruity between ends and means.

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She was literally an ambassador for the plant sciences from the north, to the south, east and west!

Special “ambassadors” have been appointed to promote the dissemination of project findings.

Some musicians are ambassadors of a particular type of music, of their country’s music, or that of their ethnic, cultural or social background.

The ambassador hoped the line would play well, and there were signs that it would.

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