Data were systematically taken from the clinic notes, coded and transferred to punched cards for analysis.

This approach was later transferred to the clinics.

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Yet, over one-quarter of the women who visited family planning clinics selected the rhythm or other less reliable methods.

Children who were not brought to the clinic were visited at their homes within 3 days by a nurse.

In the clinic, the administrator who had booked the play was clearly impressed and wanted to talk further about it.

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The clinic is open-access, with no prior patient registration required.

Teleconsultations for children were significantly more costly than clinic attendances because of the costs of the technology.

What should guide cross-cultural efforts in and among clinics, organizations, communities, and transnational populations?

However, this might not be the case if the samples were drawn directly from the community rather than from the clinic.

Almost instantly the new plan was presented: a much closer clinic and earlier times – but there were two warning notes.

The clinic was attacked on three fronts-the legal, the medical and the clerical.

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Information on this vaccine is given to all families attending the clinic, but is limited to those who can afford to purchase the vaccine.

They were recruited either by a research nurse when they attended the clinic or by a letter sent to their home from their rheumatologist.

Traditionally, asthma clinics have an educational role, which is highlighted in the training courses attended by the majority of asthma nurses.

Our results were based upon actual experiences rather than assumptions about the average length of clinic appointments and incorporated travel times.

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