The reports include an executive summary that facilitates a quick and comprehensive understanding of the key points addressed by the report.

It should be noted that during these years, no comprehensive impact assessment was undertaken of either practice, because it was considered to be too early.

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Logical next steps might include undertaking a comprehensive synthesis of appropriateness focused on specific clinical interventions.

Although this is not comprehensive it has provided an indication of the building performance and some useful feedback.

However, such collaboration is not part of a comprehensive approach to poverty reduction.

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The book is generally well-produced with references and bibliographies sensibly placed at the end of each chapter and a comprehensive index.

This strategy allows for increased precision in evaluating the level of functioning in the specific domain within a more comprehensive developmental framework.

Thus, the one second-order claim on which all reasonable people agree is that unreasonable comprehensive views are false.

If a political justification, for example, required the rejection of one particular reasonable comprehensive view among many, then reasonable people could reject that justification.

However, we believe that its implied systematic and comprehensive evaluation of the interventions’ advantages and disadvantages is helpful in the process in resource allocation.

On the upper level of comprehensive school the content items presented differed slightly from the preceding phase.

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Given the large discrepancies and absence of a comprehensive analysis, neither trends nor definitive conclusions can be drawn in any country.

Although this strategy has been an effective way to advance knowledge, it provides somewhat less robust evidence than a single comprehensive test of a model.

A comprehensive model of reproductive strategies must account for all of these possibilities.

Overall, the real strength of this book is the comprehensive coverage of a wide range of different approaches to the study of emotion.

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