Bike couriers share some vocabulary with bicycle enthusiasts at large.

Have you never heard anything about drug dealers and the couriers of the money launderers with suitcases full of bank notes?

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I am advised that drug couriers can make £50 for one single trip.

Is it not the case that these couriers usually travel by night in a sleeper which is only available for one person?

Couriers are unlikely to be used purely to distribute press releases.

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Couriers may include anyone from a baby to an old-age pensioner.

If motor cycles could use bus lanes we could speed the traffic along, whether for couriers, dispatch workers or people on their way to work.

I understand that many motor cycle couriers are employed on piece-work, and that the faster they drive, the more money they make.

Finally, we will be looking at ways to prevent cash couriers from circumventing banking regulations by taking their money in cash across borders.

What about delivery vans, catering lorries, the shops needed to sustain those 30,000 workers, and the couriers who would travel to and from those offices?

The success of the industry will still depend upon individual efficiency on the “shop floor”, the hotel staff, local authorities, couriers and bus drivers.

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Large-scale further deployment to yield, at best, a limited increase in arrests of couriers is not cost-effective on any view.

However, there are other types of outsourced visa operations worldwide, the most common being designated couriers or designated travel agents where applications can be submitted.

Indeed, it may have the effect of encouraging the activities of couriers.

Couriers have not been used to distribute press releases.

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