The cytoplasm of the cells had lysosome-like granules containing dead granulosa cell debris at different stages of degradation.

The resulting atmospheric debris led to climate cooling, a reduction of vegetation, and mass extinction.

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Approximately one-third of the extant deposit was excavated (1.25 m3), resulting in the recovery of 170.6 kg of workshop debris, totaling millions of flakes.

Reworking of debris flow deposits by marine currents produced the rippled bed tops.

Some degree of mixture with “background noise” of general midden debris probably occurred in concentrations at both structures and is to be expected.

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It should be noted that these concentrations of debris are not assumed to represent the actual locations of workshops or work areas.

Minor sediment constituents include macro- and microfauna (the former locally phosphatized), and plant debris.

Overall, 79.4 g of metal production debris were associated with the cache, not including the metal inside the crucibles or the plastic cylinder.

Several applications need a cer tain flux, which is connected with the pulse repetition rate and the target debris problem.

If the mortuary bundles were not buried, then archaeologists and looters would encounter the surviving masks in surface debris.

On the other hand, we have not prepared a special debris protector for the cavity mirrors near the target yet.

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Addition of urban plant debris did not affect the plant stand at either farm site, and no interaction with production practices was observed.

Traps were emptied once a month and the collected material was brought to the laboratory where seeds were separated from leaves, twigs and other debris.

There are also prominent intercalations of matrix-supported debris flows and intervals affected by slump folding.

Those authors interpreted beds of this type as subaqueously emplaced debris flow deposits, whose tops are to some degree reworked by waves.

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