That principle, to recall, said that an agent should per form those actions demanded by plans it was optimal to adopt.

When physical capital is complementary with human capital in production, returns on and the demand for skills rise with capital intensity.

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This is so because a lower markup reduces the desire of the policymaker to inflate the economy and to boost demand.

The present continually reinforces the memorized auditory data and demands a new kind of auditory awareness.

The fourth issue of nondistributivity in resolution demands that we identify states with paths.

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However, these new workers in the city demand the agricultural good, pushing the price higher, and reducing the real wage further.

Thus, direct or tacit pronatalism survived because of historically specific, regional demands for labor.

Thus, the maladaptive patterns of behavioral and emotional self-regulation, and reactivity to the demands of the surrounding environment, become more entrenched.

In short, technical change in lowland areas has significantly increased demand for labor on lowland farms.

While labour demand is modelled, labour supply is supposed to follow the demand within the framework of constant nominal wage rates.

The meaning of tables and figures and the argument in general demand close attention to the text, whose style tends to the abstract and convoluted.

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Obtaining robustness for a discourse parser is a demanding task due to the many unresolved theoretical issues regarding the derivation of the discourse structure.

Alongside increased criminal justice demands for contemporary perpetrators of violence, those who suffered from human rights violations do not sense any judicial support.

Residents who did not illuminate their houses or accede to other crowd demands were fortunate if broken glass was the only damage they suffered.

Demissie allowed his field commanders sufficient freedom of action while demanding full accountability.

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