Stories are told of physically active and diet-conscious individuals who find they have high blood cholesterol.

Consequently, their diet differences should be due above all to their weight difference, as supposed initially.

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A meta-analysis of the past 25 years of weight loss research using diet, exercise or diet plus exercise intervention.

It is difficult to attribute changes in parasite survival simply to the addition of fibre, because of complexity of the comparison diets.

A prospective test of the dual-pathway model of bulimic pathology : mediating effects of dieting and negative affect.

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The perception that dieting is a necessary body management behaviour seems to have arisen earlier in the women’s lives, often in relation to significant others.

For partial and complete adherers, making changes to the diet was preferable, easier, more affordable and more convenient than increasing physical activity.

A number of adaptations, other than behavioural ones, allow animals to live by feeding on a graminoid diet.

In this study, minocycline administered in the diet delayed the onset of muscle strength decline and improved survival compared to mice fed a regular diet.

What makes this particularly interesting for diets is that these node sets are typically growing until they are completely filled.

Yet it is of the utmost importance to note the varieties and variations of diets and the political, and also economic implications these held.

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Volumetric totals for each prey type ranked from most abundant (left) to least abundant (right) in all lizard diets appear at top left.

Relative proportions of animal species are equated with the contribution that species made to the diet of the inhabitants.

While dieting programmes are the most widely used treatments of obesity, attempts to control body weight by dieting are generally unsuccessful.

As to diet, the number of portions of fruit and vegetables eaten each day was monitored as participants progressed through the intervention.

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