This exchangeable end effector permits the robot to perform more complex duties.

To be sure, it is an extension of ordinary usage to use ‘duty‘ here, but analytically it is correct.

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The users of the water invested the communal power with the duty of protecting them against usurpers’ efforts to divert the water.

Servants were gradually replaced by other types of labour with work duties as crofters or different types of paid workers.

They could be full-time content developers, or they could work part-time alongside other teaching or research duties.

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It tends to distract faculty into emphasizing profitable research and to neglect their teaching duties.

Since a claim is a duty owed particularly to the person, the unfairness is plainly suffered by that person.

The duty of a judge to apply applicable rules would thus be indeterminate-it would obtain in some cases and not in others.

Negative duties thus appear considerably less liberty-limiting than positive duties.

Thus, strict liability violates the correlativity of duty and right at the heart of corrective justice.

Thus states have special duties to allow minorities to speak their own language and to send their children to the school of their choice.

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Although she ultimately returns his love, duty and glory take precedence.

Ultimately, as we shall see, property owners would, indeed, be found to have a duty to the general public to protect their property from harm.

Procedural rules, unlike substantial rules, they do not confer rights or duties, but organise their assignment.

A heavy-duty mobile manipulator while carrying a load, experiencing a force, or operating on uneven terrain needs to maintain its balance.

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