The physical elements of the design are elegant and the durable casing of the sound components requiring no power or maintenance is clever and practical.

Our concept of warrant is too complex to yield to analysis by way of a couple of austerely elegant clauses.

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The essence of our technique is an elegant, concise and uniform way of generating this kind of boilerplate in a functional language.

Moreover, proposals that were technically elegant could run up against the instincts of the politicians.

The extensional properties of lazy functional languages are simple and elegant; lazy languages satisfy more laws than strict ones.

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Though clean and elegant, there are some serious problems with representing code as h. o. a. s trees.

A number of approaches to the problem are described-the most elegant and efficient method is based on continuation passing.

Second, the presentation here, although more accessible, will be marginally less elegant than it might otherwise have been.

Increasingly complex prototypes4 show that passive dynamic walking results in a particularly elegant and natural bipedal gait.

His analysis is indeed elegant and this paper is one of the strongest contributions to phonological theory in the volume.

A simple and elegant path planning algorithm based on a differential geometric approach is provided in ref. [21].

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Both are elegant surveys of familiar ground and both summarize complex arguments without ever simplifying them.

Now, the compact closed structure itself has a very elegant geometric representation in the category of oriented bordisms.

Elegant studies in the hypothalamic system demonstrate the relationship between glial remodeling and synaptic physiology during lactation, parturation and episodes of dehydration.

The pattern theory approach to composition provides an elegant set of organisational principles for the production of sound by computer.

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