Increases in plume temperature enhance the validity of the assumption.

The high nutritional quality of the detrital organic matter in our study stream may result from grazing by tadpoles which enhances nitrogen fluxes.

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Moreover, human individuals and institutions “invest,” metaphorically, or even literally, in other individuals or institutions to enhance their own returns.

The impact that patenting has on research is enhanced and reinforced by an additional range of factors.

This suggests that language production can be greatly enhanced by the prior activation of relevant linguistic representations (in this case, lexical and syntactic representations).

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There is an increasing desire in many parts of the world to balance their roles in enhancing food webs and reducing yields.

Also, hybrid strategies applied to formation control could help to enhance formation control performance in some robotic tasks.

All of this literature stresses the need for households to defer their individual interests to improve forest productivity and enhance the long-term community interest.

Name training either taught some children that novel names should be mapped onto novel kinds or enhanced their commitment to this belief.

These improvements could also complement and even enhance the benefits of drugs that help with the symptoms of dementia.

In general, social engagement tends to enhance social understanding, and such engagement is more accessible to securely attached children.

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An important question is to determine what specific features of their tasks enhance children’s understanding of the experimenter’s intentions.

It was found that with rotation the vertical variability is reduced and that two-dimensionalization, expressed by the vertical vorticity energy, is enhanced by rotation.

In order to enhance the reliability of the classification of self-corrections, retrospective verbal reports were also collected.

After determining that classes of nicotine withdrawal exist, understanding the etiology of withdrawal can be enhanced by applying behavior genetic modeling to the latent classes.

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