Its title, too, is unfashionably downbeat, promising no fabulous journey to the centre of the mind, no explanation of consciousness, no epiphany.

In other words, an epiphany occurs where the words and music ‘speak to you’, becoming something more than the sum of their parts.

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The first page illustrates the density and intensity, the monocular vision and instantaneous or near-instantaneous time of lyric epiphany.

It is a marvellous epiphany, fully rewarding the faithful reader’s labour.

When will lyric epiphany be seen as a source for anthropology?

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Yet lyric epiphany is itself an implicit simile or analogy.

It is almost as if the material conflict itself constitutes the epiphany.

That was an eye-opening moment for me, an epiphany for me.

An epiphany, then, is a showing forth of some kind.

The internal organization of a chiasmic epiphany such as was sketched above is thus more of a breaking-into than a breaking-out-of.

What is the relation between chiasmus and lyric epiphany?

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Gissing would not credit the average poor man or woman with the powers of discrimination that could lead to an aesthetic epiphany.

There was no transfiguration of elite identity nor epiphany of brotherhood.

In this discussion, lyric epiphany is explicated along two tracks that crisscross and head toward the same point.

Over and above this cyclic structure several epiphanies materialize: spaces for meditation like vast caverns awaiting exploration.

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