Mountain forests were extensively burned and more than 500 houses were lost.

Liming would reduce the acidity of lakes, and forests could be helped in the short term by adding fertilizer.

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The contrasts between temperate and tropical forests are striking.

Parts of the wildscape and of the marginal fringe have been planted as forests which also can be used by tourists.

The presence of this peridomestic species in degraded forests (found in dumps near habitations) seemed to be related to human presence.

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Accordingly, much of the land in that part of the country which was farmed up to a generation ago is now covered with maturing forests.

The fact that area fees encourage violations of annual logging limits does not mean that countries should not use area fees in public forests.

Faced with constraints, households look for alternatives to products from common forests.

In total, 78 per cent of villages regulate forests by custom and 22 per cent have no regulation at all.

An important issue is the effects of warming on temperate and boreal natural systems including forests and prairies, as well as on agricultural systems.

However, increased fuelwood availability is far from the only rationale for devolution of management of natural forests to local institutions.

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Market prices often reflect the direct use value of forests only, which alone would not justify the creation of protected areas.

However, no elephant corridor connecting this area with other forests will be lost due to the project.

The project causes submergence of about 2800 hectares of tropical forests, two tribal settlements and stretches of cultivated land of non-tribal settlers.

Provision of kerosene or gas is needed to ensure that the workers do not depend on nearby forests for fuel wood.

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