With a background in philosophical logic and metaphysics, his current research interests focus on the theoretical basis of bioethical inquiry.

Psychological inquiry into human prejudice processes also benefits from adaptationist principles.

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The town clerk and the borough surveyor reinforced these points in their statements to the inquiry.

The number of requests per author inquiry averaged more than two.

In each of these areas of inquiry, the themes of organized complexity, developmental transactions, and the meaning of context are pervasive.

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Rather, the focus of inquiry should be on the imagination since both theoretical reason and practical reason make use of imagination in their own way.

Bioethics really started as an inquiry into the largely uncontrolled practices, habits, and proceedings of the medical structure and profession.

Additionally, innovations in archaeological theory and methodology have led to the exploration of new directions of inquiry.

He suggests that most scientists he has encountered care little about taking risks when faced with the sheer joy of scientific inquiry.

He employs not simply an ends-justifying-means reasoning but, instead, a view that the end is self-justifying whereas the process of inquiry is itself somewhat dispensable.

The two approaches have been on increasingly divergent paths for several decades, to their mutual detriment and despite overlapping areas of inquiry.

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Such a philosophically sanctioned inquiry for chemistry meant, however, that it resolved mixt bodies into the three spagyric principles.

For scholars employing the conventional framework, these two assumptions often substitute for any extended inquiry into legislative deliberation and negotiation.

Such inquiry requires that scholars interested in state-building and policy development engage with the work of those who specialize in political behavior.

At the same time, the need for careful linguistic description is as urgent as ever, for the dual purposes of scientific inquiry and clinical application.

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