In addition to decrying the emphasis on entertainers in news content, some critics also object to the transformation of journalists into celebrities.

A favorite diversion among commentators was to make lists of celebrities unhappily transfixed in this way by the mere force of circumstance.


Discussing ‘ ‘ athletes ‘ ‘ as ‘ ‘ athletes, ‘ ‘ let alone as ‘ ‘ celebrities, ‘ ‘ in the early nineteenth century leaves the book’s first chapter disfigured by anachronism.

The company would clone various celebrities for a range of licensing fees, depending on the anticipated value of the product.

The transformation of anchors and other journalists into celebrities is another way to create consumer expectations about content.

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Second, the elections have also shown that the use of celebrities as candidates does not guarantee a high number of votes.

There is frequently mention of recent celebrities who have given birth by caesarean section.

Older established brands created catchy slogans or characters and even engaged celebrities to endorse their products.

Measuring the number of stories or amount of time devoted to some of these celebrities is a way to analyze the provision of soft news in network evening news programs.

Opera singers were national celebrities.

In addition to celebrities, most parties ®elded a large number of candidates who were either representatives of national organizations and associations, or former bureaucrats with various interest groups behind them.

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Given its widespread use by celebrities, new motivations arise for its broader use in society: if the beautiful people are using it, how can it be considered ugly?

Included are the responses of employed, unemployed, and retired persons; educators and students; members of various religious faiths; homemakers; national celebrities; barkeepers; business people; and farmers.

Glimpses of some vanished celebrities.

They are mistaken if they think that just celebrities and members of the royal family suffer.

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