The leadership compromised but refused to hold an open primary.

And, so, it is by virtue of this conceptual connection that the failure of the ontological argument is supposed to compromise the cosmological argument.


He suffers early professional setbacks but emerges triumphant by the end of the novel because he has never compromised his own individuality.

Yet a reduction division must precede fertilisation or problems with ploidy will compromise the viability of the resulting embryo.

Since the human samples available for analysis are non-viable discarded material, they are potentially compromised.

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Three interviewees, by contrast, said they would seek non-standard work, but only as a compromise to their not having gained standard types of work.

Otherwise, the primes’ impact was compromised, presumably because time was too short to transform the mapping rule into a corresponding intention.

The drawback of this system was that precision was compromised.

A number of factors compromise the precision of previous type analyses with a priori type definitions.

These differences contributed to the formation of a great ideological divide that admitted no compromise, and that soon generated a spiral of political violence.

These overstated positions reassure patients about physicians’ primary beneficent outlook while allowing inevitable compromises to accommodate difficult situations or competing principles.

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A provisional compromise has been reached in this case, which forms the basis for the future bill.

In exchange for this sponsorship, scholars risked compromising their disciplinary integrity.

The sampling methods were of necessity a compromise.

Alternatively, individual rights and democratic norms of compromise and non-violent conflict resolution flow logically from economic norms governing the exchange of goods and services.

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