kick off

An official kickoff celebration, which is free and open to the public, will be held at 7 p.m.

Instead, both sides showed the utmost respect, swapping flowers, gifts and photographs before the kickoff.


We will even video-stream all of the kickoff meetings.

Organizations kickoff new projects and initiatives, budgets are put into place and additional staff is required to carry out the company’s plans.

Instead of staging the same formulaic multi-stage concerts on opening day, why not have one unique kickoff event?

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Trivia will kickoff at 8 p.m. and cocktail specials will run all night.

The good news about solar has to get the jump, the kickoff, the offensive team to take it to a successful goal.

So before you head out to your barbecues and pool parties, here are some facts about everybody’s favorite summer kickoff holiday.

With kickoff just a day away, both the government and labor leaders warned fans to brace for hardship.

This summer is the kickoff.

The home opener is often a raucous and well-attended affair, with fans tailgating rambunctiously in nearby parking lots and lining up at the gates hours before kickoff.

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In this approach, the goals ‘kickoff’ this engineering in terms of requirements to identify, capacities to develop, and business logic to adapt.

Welcome at the kickoff meeting.

It was a hot battle from the very kickoff, and the two teams fought each other up and down the field.

Promptly at two o’clock the referee blew his whistle and the two elevens lined up for the first kickoff.

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