The leaflets are attached to the axis along their entire base.

In such patients, the interventricular defect is usually small, and shunting is limited by tendinous cords tethering the bridging leaflets.


The degree of dysplasia was least in the valves with two leaflets and highest in those with four leaflets.

Both the superior and the inferior bridging leaflets showed partial attachment to the inferior edge of the atrial septum.

The classification is based on the severity of the displacement of the septal and posteroinferior leaflets, with four grades of increasing severity.

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There is continuity of the leaflets of the aortic and pulmonary valves because of absence of the outlet septum.

The left junction is dominated by thefibrouscontinuity between one of the leaflets of the mitral valve and those of the aortic valve.

The tricuspid valve had thickening and tethering of its leaflets without downward displacement.

The impossibility of reorientation of the valve housing made unsuccessful any attempt to restore normal movements of the valve leaflets.

The maximum and minimum diameter of the infundibulum at the hinge point of the leaflets were obtained from different frames during diastole and systole.

The remaining 0906985239%) specimens revealed aortic valves with two leaflets arranged in ventrodorsal orientation.

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The second feature is the relation of the bridging leaflets to the septal structures.

Both bridging leaflets were attached to the underside of the atrial septum, which was grossly malaligned relative to the ventricular septum.

Few larvae were found in dew droplets or concealed within heather leaflets; most larvae were recovered from the plant surface.

Constituency activists mailed party literature to local voters; distributed leaflets and posters from door to door; and canvassed voters on their doorsteps.

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