The juxtaparanodes form at the region where compaction of the myelin sheath relaxes the inner layer to allow the formation of the paranodal loops.

Our method gradually determines sentence pairs (anchors) that correspond to each other by relaxing parameters.


More recently, paediatric surgeons have relaxed these criteria, such that very few infants would now be denied surgical treatment.

The ambisyllabicity debate is part of the larger question of how (2) can be relaxed, in that an ambisyllabic element constitutes a violation of (2b).

Many assumptions can be relaxed without changing the underlying mechanics and results.

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As noted above, this latter assumption can be relaxed if it appears empirically motivated to do so.

Silver never relaxed his grip on his handler.

Gradually, this stringent assumption is relaxed to allow for a more realistic description of the process.

Men who consider themselves relaxed are least likely to report dissatisfaction with their sleep.

Most twentieth-century art, however, is not about being relaxed.

During the working years of the middle age groups, age separation and, consequently, gender separation are relaxed.

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In addition, improvisation activities became more prevalent, as the rigid habit formation routines were relaxed or replaced.

He is short, handsome, with dark wavy hair, relaxed in manner, obviously intelligent, and pleasant to deal with.

Therefore, if a satisfies (18)* and is sufficiently large, (17) may be relaxed.

The constraints imposed by the square lattice are relaxed as the aspect ratio is increased.

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