She had returned to her active schedule with friends, and volunteering.

It aggressively exploits the parallelism made possible by sending requests to multiple remote data sources simultaneously and by scheduling tasks to run on multiple processors.


In later years this schedule could be reduced.

They will only be removed if growers appreciate the significance of compaction and exercise greater patience in organizing their planting schedule.

A series of tasks were used to elicit approach/inhibition in toddlers over two visits, scheduled 1 month apart.

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The fungicide scheduling programme that provided the highest specific weight varied with cultivar and season.

The fungicide scheduling programme that provided the highest grain yield varied by cultivar and season.

The surgical team wants to schedule the patient for open-heart surgery.

A further possible classification for scheduling policies is the preemption/nonpreemption schemes.

As standardized payment schedules based upon such codes are being developed, the precise definition of a “typical” patient for each code becomes increasingly important.

If the first contact could not be scheduled prior to hospital discharge, a home visit was scheduled as close to discharge as possible.

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For the rotation plots, sets of cards for all four insecticides used in the rotation schedule were prepared each week for the bioassays.

The outcomes of six different vaccination schedules were examined.

The schedule of injections was chosen in order to have all three categories of superovulated oocytes ready for experimentation on the same day.

Firstly, note that with a concave tax schedule, the tax burden rises relatively steeply when pollution levels are low.

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