The remaining 30 families had not completed their lab visits at the time of data analysis, so they are not included.

From the lab to the clinic: activation of an alpha-2 agonist pathway is neuroprotective in models of retinal and optic nerve injury.

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Technology transfer from the lab to the products often becomes a significant engineering or rewrite effort for researchers.

In fact, the understorey during the dry season was hotter and drier than the lab clearing in the rainy season.

Lastly, as both academic and corporate labs are now generating a mountain of data, a review of specific database storage solutions would have been advantageous.

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The lab had twenty computer terminals separated by partitions which limited subjects’ ability to see each other.

Thus, minimizing the number of lab tests is equivalent to finding the minimum relative cost.

Our lab is using viruses of hyperthermophilic organisms to elucidate these limits, and the adaptations of life needed for survival in extreme environments.

Cats were allowed group play time several times a week in the lab and had toys and perches in their cages for psychological enrichment.

Also, no interaction between the experimental procedure (web or lab) and the experimental factors (word order, clitic doubling, accent placement and context) is found.

The lab interface collected standard pulses triggered by each action potential and assembled them into conventional averaged response histograms.

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For the project, a city bus was transformed into a fully equipped digital lab and made available to groups of children.

The administration of both tasks took place in small groups or individually in a listening- and computer(instructional language) lab setting.

Their study represents the first documented relationship between disorganized behavior in the lab and infants’ interactive behavior with their parent at home.

The example shows us how embezzlement can be replicated in the experimental lab, and what conditions make it more or less rife within a group.

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