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A huge part of national revenue was always spent paying interest on previous loans.

The move away from project loans and towards structural adjustment loans in the 1980s does not diminish the main thrust of this argument.

Although bank loans are a vitally important source of finance, this is not to the complete exclusion of equity issues.

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Patrons attach clients to themselves by extending loans to the latter in times of crisis.

As is to be expected such loans are liquid and generate income.

Most loans for financing international trade and investment, etc., are made by individual banks to their customers without the assistance of other banks.

In most cases this involves the provision of bank loans.

Even the bank manager takes participation in the project into account when considering loans to co-operatives.

Routines are also in operation for other grammatical categories, such as gender, and frequently one gender class becomes the unmarked option for loans.

Adapted loans will also fit into the phonotactic patterns and follow the phonological processes of the recipient language.

However, the semi-speakers use predominantly suffixation, which is now the only productive strategy with loans or new analogical forms.

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Could a policy of demand management, involving deficit spending out of loans, have achieved full employment in the 1930s?

In conclusion, there seems to be more agreement on length in trisyllabic loans, which most assumed to have been short, although for different reasons.

Since 1995, some areas have changed the grants to loans in order to encourage more efficient use of the funds.

A zero nominal interest rate on discount window loans is optimal in this setting for two reasons.

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