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Love with its treasures also tends to delight others in abundance.

The question presented is who suffers more, the one whose loved one is dead or the one whose love is unrequited.

Although she ultimately returns his love, duty and glory take precedence.

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Here the final overcoming of obstacles and declaration of equality takes the form of a rococo interchangeability of persons in the love relationships.

There were dual aspects to these roles therefore : regulated discipline and loving advisorship.

If the work is successful, spiritual well-being of connection is manifest as appreciation for life, love of others, and feeling connected to deceased loved ones.

After a long period of not seeing a partner’s behaviour as loving, one may say that she no longer believes that he loves her.

It therefore perfectly illustrates the fact that exiles love to write their own history.

As for the soul, love for eternal things can kindle fire within it and dry the humors of carnal desire that corrupt it.

They also enhanced their beauty through facial tattooing, washing daily, plaiting and applying red ochre to their hair, wearing sweet-smelling leaves and using love medicines.

There is some indication that her father had encouraged her to marry because he was afraid his daughter had fallen in love with learning.

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The transformation of the refrain is the vehicle through which the lover affirms the value of his love.

Analogously : we can pour out our love or attention on just any old object, but it won’t necessarily stick, let alone mix with it.

He makes it clear that post-lapsarian human beings love inordinately, and must, because of the disordered fundamental orientation called original sin.

Both set texts that elaborate variants of the type of mixed-gender exchange that characterised late sixteenthcentury courtly love discourse.

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