This was done with the help of many of those loyal servants abandoned in the preceding crises.

They argued the utility of commercial endeavours : merchants were proved loyal citizens.

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It is particularly sensitive to the role of women, more than half of the workforce, who remained loyal despite continuing to be marginalised.

Such legislation will in the long run benefit the owners of firms, because they will be better placed to retain an experienced and loyal workforce.

Revised moral education textbooks together with imperial rescripts were issued with the aim of reminding subjects of their duty to be loyal and obedient.

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However, on this model the subgroup is authoritative in the sense that delegates remain loyal to communities they represent.

Local authorities, in turn, did all they could to select candidates loyal to the interests of their states.

To remain loyal to his class, the organic intellectual must willingly forfeit the economic and social advantages of becoming one of the ruling class’s auxiliaries.

A variety of ‘ loyal ‘ complaints and petitions flooded into government offices to complement this underhand resistance.

Wages and other official payments to loyal employees were meagre due to the state’s financial difficulties during the war.

He purged those city-state rulers whose loyalty he could not trust, and in cer tain cases he replaced them with other, loyal nobles.

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They, along with the army, formed a loyal instrument, stronghold, and protector of the interests of the autocracy in the region.

These newly experienced living standards owed much to the regime, and it came as no surprise that the middle classes were loyal to the regime.

Confronting a policy without powerful, loyal supporters, they established conditions in which the adaptation of the political order of movie censorship could not longer occur.

In the first place he was assured of a loyal workforce that would help him whenever required.

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