In 1800 the act, originally temporary, was made permanent.

Permanent names could have been assigned; this task is, however, best left to scientists engaged in more detailed characterization of these novel sequences.

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The nature they celebrate embodies something permanent in the human feelings that are drawn to it.

As a reserve army of cheap labour, women wage earners were a permanent threat to male wage rates.

There are two ways in which the ‘permanent totalisation’ can seek to render the ‘permanent detotalisation’ harmless, and so preserve itself.

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Given their public and permanent nature, they could not express merely personal or passing feelings, as might be suitable in an elegiac speech.

A disinhabited space is produced, open to tenants as it were but not to permanent proprietors.

Ecclesiastical institutions emerged, gradually transformed into a permanent diocesan organisation in the course of the following century.

His colouring might then have been as true and permanent, as it is now clear, beautiful and deceitful.

They can not live in permanent assembly, to provide the drive for history, but must delegate to specialist office-holders.

There was also a lot of resistance to moving from the church to a new permanent home.

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A person’s domicile is the country which is in fact or in the eye of the law his permanent home for the time being.

The language of science is in a state of permanent semantic revolution.

The truce also provided for the continuation of discussions about a permanent peace between the two realms.

At the same time, the opportunities available are often for casual work rather than permanent positions.

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