We supplemented this search strategy by obtaining all reports cited in the reference lists of these papers.

Clinical information was always supplemented with collateral histories with informants, and from medical notes where available.

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Synthesised plans are supplemented by user intervention whenever incomplete information or uncertain situations prevent the development of correct plans.

In a further attempt to counteract the tiredness two women had bought vitamin supplements [2,4].

The practical nature of the book is supplemented by a wealth of theoretical foundations.

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A questionnaire provided the main data source, completed via email by 63 students, and supplemented by teacher interviews and analysis of student homework.

Preferences for foods varying in macronutrients and tannins by lambs supplemented with polyethylene glycol.

In addition, these databases rarely index journal supplements, in which studies available as conference abstracts often appear.

The administration of such comprehensive systems might, therefore, be usefully supplemented by brief, self-report instruments.

Cleaved embryos were transferred to fresh culture medium supplemented with glucose (5 mg/ml) and incubated for another 2 days to the morula/blastocyst stage.

Section 4 describes a simple interactive repair mechanism that supplements the interactive alignment process.

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Financial support to conduct this research comes primarily from the budgets of the member institutions but is supplemented by funds from international donors.

Alternative protein supplements were tested to determine possible specificity in the elicitation of these proteases.

The modified extended family, supplemented by friendships, provides substantial expressive and instrumental support but many do not expect informal care.

Primary endpoint – all-cause mortality supplemented by analyses of recurrence-free survival, second primary cancers and non-fatal events leading to hospitalization.

These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

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