the cutting edge

This is an ambitious book, which aims to pull together cuttingedge research in formal semantics, lexical aspect, and event structure.

These women sought cuttingedge information based on ‘ scientific’ evidence, and also consulted specialists such as aestheticians, medical doctors and personal trainers.

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This important and highly impressive volume is intended as an overview of cuttingedge developments in microeconomics for graduate students.

Spectacle, by contrast, relies on novelty; when it ceases to be cuttingedge, its effects quickly begin to appear faded and tawdry.

The remaining two chapters of the book deal with cuttingedge research.

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Today transport phenomena in plasma physics cover s a wide range of topics that are at the cuttingedge of current research.

It contributes, as the notes on the back cover claim, to a cuttingedge research topic.

Sophisticated, cuttingedge laboratory experiments are crucial to providing these data – now and in the future.

They also valued new, cuttingedge information and enjoyed acquiring such information in social contexts such as extension field days and conversations with other farmers.

The medical establishment is described as a military command, with cuttingedge researchers in the vanguard against disease and public health workers in the trenches.

This comes close to cuttingedge, sociological, critical constructivism.

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I was frustrated with psychological drama, and bored with so-called cuttingedge theatre.

This is an area in which some of the most perplexing, confounding, and cuttingedge issues arise with regularity.

Libraries should endeavour to stock it, but not if this conflicts with buying cuttingedge science.

This collective submission takes place in an environment where the use of biometrics and other cuttingedge surveillance technologies are already a reality.

예문에 나오는 어떤 견해나 의견은 Cambridge Dictionary 편집자, Cambridge University Press, 사전교열관의 의견을 표현하는 것은 아닙니다.

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