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(Definition of tier from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

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Examples of tier


I trust that it will be made simple for the various tiers of social workers to discuss the various problems together as often as possible.

Vast units of local government and different tiers of local government are a standing invitation to extravagance.

We have developed in the health services a pattern of administration with more tiers than a royal wedding cake.

We have no fewer than three main tiers of government.

Is he aware that many people consider that having two major overlapping tiers of local government can lead to waste and duplication?

Once policy is formulated, the tiers below are expected to carry out that policy.

If the functions are divided between three tiers, that problem is increased.

In an earlier document there was a reference to three tiers of management.

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Not enough public relations services are provided in the various tiers of the structure of management.

I should like to know what is to be gained by seeking to preserve two tiers everywhere.

We would welcome observations on the three tiers of aid structure from those who take part in the consultative process.

The scheme will provide three divisions and two tiers.

However, that still reinforces the idea of tiers rather than spheres.

The enormous tiers of quangos and interrelated bodies make “spaghetti junction” look like an open road.

Of course people support their local communities, possibly more than they do regions or other tiers of government.

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Translations of tier

in Chinese (Traditional)

(多層、多層次中的)一層, 層疊, 層層排列…

in Chinese (Simplified)

(多层、多层次中的)一层, 层叠, 层层排列…

in Spanish

hilera superpuesta, piso, nivel…

in Portuguese

fileira, camada, nível…

in more languages

in Turkish

in French

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