Convincing the trainers of the need to insert braces was a major if partial achievement.

Although it would provide a firm foundation for practitioners wishing to become trainers, it is discouraging to find so few references to theory and research.

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The other two publications could provide some of the supporting material for trainers.

The training programme was positively evaluated by the recipients, the trainers and the researcher who observed it.

Research into pedagogic discourse can become a powerful tool for teacher trainers but also for language researchers interested in the process of language teaching.

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Implications for the role of sensory input in the control of locomotion and the design robotic of step trainers are discussed.

In their introductory article, the editors (pp. 3-20) noted that language teachers can use technology in their role as practitioners, developers, researchers, or trainers.

The various difficulties and problems that trainers might encounter are discussed in some depth.

To eliminate experimenter effects, each of the two trainers trained students in both conditions.

Stallion candidates are evaluated at a young age on their own performance by a panel of medical experts and trainers.

As such the role of trainers, too, cannot be overemphasized.

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The trainers offer different answers to that question.

The trainers felt that the training went well, as did the main researcher who observed it.

In captivity, learning by imitation of conspecifics is commonplace in dolphins, and relied on by marine mammal trainers.

Quibbles over style aside, it is clearly a valuable addition to the literature currently available to carers and trainers alike.

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