It can now also function as a qualifier, and the use as frame marker has become more versatile.

Yet there is a basic difference between the two : the hands are much more versatile than the body.

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The mutation offers a versatile solution to prevent offspring converging toward local maximum.

These creatures are versatile feeders, but each troop is liable to have its own preferences from among all the foods available.

The technique is rapid, versatile and simple, and can be used as part of a sequential set of tests to fully characterize an organism.

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It has settled down into a remarkably consistent and versatile system; and its manual has similarly matured in its usefulness, clarity, and breadth of application.

The books reviewed here show that there are still many more facets of this most versatile of statesmen to be studied and interpreted.

That evolution adapted itself to the circumstances of these three different cities, for the street light was a most versatile appliance and symbol.

The intention is that a versatile controller is embedded in many different robots.

That is because even the most versatile spelling-checker doesn’t know what you’re writing about: it can only judge surface orthographic forms.

In such a bilingual environment ad-makers have a versatile repertoire of varieties at their disposal.

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Second, it is the only core chapter of the book in which the concluding section is followed by a plea for much more ‘ versatile‘ research.

Sutermeister was one of the most versatile composers of his day, turning his gifts just as easily to choral and absolute music.

To carry out its versatile roles it has been equipped with sensing devices and elaborate software systems.

The versatile farm economy required a minimum amount of adults to be successful.

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