Could a non-violent transition to socialism take place via socialist victories in liberal democratic elections, and perhaps participation in government coalitions with” bourgeois” parties?

Not surprisingly, some saw these victories as signs that the days of the mounted knight as the dominant military arm were coming to an end.

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He built up the city’s defences and founded several churches to commemorate his victories.

Apart from a few isolated victories, contextual archaeology has not been able to fill the void.

On reflection, however, these corresponding victories and defeats do not tell the true story.

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A 5 per cent threshold (or victories in three constituencies) limits access to extremist parties.

The ideological right, however, increasingly consolidated its democratic electoral victories that it began in the 1980s.

In both cases, the unions quickly achieved some important victories, which were written into agreements with the mining companies.

Despite some victories, the war against gobbledygook is not over yet.

The rebels enjoyed some significant early victories, but after a series of devastating defeats the movement lost its momentum.

Included in its otherwise very traditional monthly magazine is splendid material and advice for campaigning pensioners, with notable victories notched up.

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Different groups were keen to take credit for this seemingly unlikeliest of victories.

Thus, a combination of initial assets and early victories do much to shape the nature of presidential nomination contests.

Similarly, front runners need early victories to stave off the competition.

European states usurped church bells for dynastic celebrations, military victories and national festivals.

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