This information is made available by plugging a wallet-sized card in the patient’s possession into the physician’s wireless palm-top computer.

I remembered that in the school bag there was my wallet with $100 in it, and all my anatomy textbooks.

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With few exceptions, these organisations operate with few financial resources that do not come from the wallets of their board, officers, members or volunteers.

But before he could make his speech of welcome, they stripped off his suit, taking his watch and wallet into the bargain.

The whole technique of emptying my wallet was so skilfully performed it was almost artistic.

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Our message on meat imports is currently advertised on seven million ticket wallets for long-haul destinations.

What about a motorist who carries his driving licence with him, but loses his wallet?

The consumer can suffer as much from over-regulation and the closed shop of the establishment getting middle-age spread and over-fat wallets.

It does not cover pen and pencil holders as wallets.

The following day the same police constable called and informed the colonel that the wallet had been returned to the bank.

It is not only the birds that have suffered from the lack of cockles, but people’s wallets.

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I am also concerned about the transfer of funds from the purse to the wallet which will occur under the working families tax credit.

Many people think that the smart cards in their wallets are not part of the information age.

If a wallet, made in this country from imported dutiable leather, is exported, drawback is allowed so that the duty on the leather is repaid.

There must be scope for hitting the persistent hooligan very sharply through his wallet.

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