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If his wife did these things, it reflected well on the man.

I have examined the role of the wife and how the succession of that role was carried out.

Where a wife had dementia, the husband found himself having to learn new domestic skills and become involved in intimate caring tasks.

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Of course, this income foregone by the husband is eventually received by his wife.

Despite his difficulties he maintains a close and warm relationship with his children and his wife.

One granddaughter is the daughter of the co-resident son whose wife left him soon after the child’s birth.

Heading the household were the husband and the wife, each responsible for their share of work.

The father expressed feelings of pleasure in seeing his wife relax and his children enjoying participating in the music.

The wife who cross-dresses to save her husband?

These data indicate that wives’ private pensions in dual private pension households contribute marginally to greater equality in the wealth distribution.

The importance of railwaymen’s economic contributions reinforced prevailing notions that men were considered household heads, even when wives earned income as well.

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His 47-year-old wife earned nine stuivers weekly.

My wife should handle at her discretion the property and official appointments associated with the household headship.

The wife is already asleep in the armchair, and the children have been sent out for a nice long walk.

Thus, the husband wrote letters to doctors on behalf of his wife, functioning, as it were, as her legal guardian.

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